Tom Land

Market Associate | Dallas, Texas  | 214.585.5157 |  contacts-icon

Tom Land joined Holt Lunsford Commercial in 2023 and serves as a Market Associate of the Dallas Office Group.  Tom is responsible for helping tenants align their business, financial, and operational objectives with their real estate needs.  

Before joining HLC, Tom served as the Irving/Las Colinas Associate at Whitebox Real Estate in Dallas. In this capacity, he handled the identification, negotiation, and finalization of deals for tenants seeking office space in the Irving/Las Colinas market. Through his tenacity and determination, Tom successfully secured meetings with six companies boasting valuations exceeding one billion dollars to address their real estate requirements and has facilitated deals both across the US and internationally.  

Tom earned his Bachelors in University Studies Business from Texas A&M University.

Tom currently serves as the Lead Organizer for the Irving/Las Colinas 1MillionCups Entrepreneurship organization and serves as a founding member and volunteer officer of the Aggie Business Network (a subdivision of The Dallas A&M Club).