Get to Know Matt Dewhirst, Market Analyst

Meet Matt Dewhirst, Market Analyst and new HLC team member!

Matt joined Holt Lunsford Commercial in 2021 and serves as a Market Analyst in the Houston Industrial division. In his role, he is responsible for assisting with project leasing, tenant representation, market research, and business development efforts. Matt is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University (DBU) where he received Bachelor’s in Political Science.

Matt grew up in Colleyville, Texas. He is the youngest of six, with four older sisters and one older brother. He was home schooled until he started college in 2013. Following graduation, Matt remained at DBU for four years working in the Administrative Affairs department where he was involved in many exciting campus development and operations projects. Matt joined HLC’s Houston location in September of 2021. On January 15, Matt and his now wife Tori were married, and have begun their new lives in Houston.

What brought you to HLC?
There is a group of guys that I ran with in college that got into the industry, and they really loved it. I’ve watched them grow in their careers, be fulfilled, and have that sense of community and networking that comes along with it. So that’s really what drove me to try and learn more about the commercial real estate industry. I love meeting new people, making connections and facilitating connections for other people. I enjoy bringing value to business and relationships.

How do you hope to grow at HLCI?
I want to continue to grow in my knowledge and expertise of the market. I want to be the best and do that without losing sight of the mission and the value of serving people. I want to build and cultivate new relationships along the way.

What about your role at HLC most excites or interests you?
Being in a new city. Like I said, I am originally from the DFW area but moving to Houston has been a big change. There are a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences as well. It’s a new challenge, and it’s exciting to put roots down in a new city. Learning how to leverage my newness to benefit me and HLC overall. I can lean into my ignorance about the city and that has opened a lot of doors. Being honest with people and saying, “Hey, I’m brand new and have been seeing your company’s name everywhere, can we grab lunch?” That has been an advantage about being a brand-new person. I can come in with eyes wide open.

Which HLC value resonates the most with you and why?
I really love We Serve, and We Put Others First. That is something that was big at DBU, the servant leadership model was very important there. They both are values that resonate with me.

What three words would you use to describe the HLC culture?
Professional, dedicated, and fun.

If you could tell one person “thank you” for helping me become the person you are today, who would it be and why?
My grandfather on my dad’s side. He passed when I was eight years old. I wasn’t old enough at the time to realize I should have thanked him for who he was and the values that he instilled in all of us.

How do you define success?
Success to me is knowing that the people who are closest to me have everything they need.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I enjoy reading, working out, and spending time with friends and family.

If you were the CEO of a company, name one thing you would make mandatory in the office and one thing you would ban.
I would mandate optimism and ban pessimism.

Favorite quote?
You get more out of hard work than hard work gets out of you.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?
A method to make fresh water, fishing tackle, and emergency flares.

What’s your secret talent no one at work knows about?
I competed in amateur boxing for three years.

What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?
I watched The Bachelor because my wife made me.

Last meal?
Two of my sisters are fantastic cooks. I would eat anything made by my sisters Rebekah and Elizabeth. I’ve never had something they’ve made that I didn’t like.

Welcome to HLC, Matt, we are glad you are here!