Employee Anniversaries

Holt Lunsford Commercial is a Values-based real estate service and investment company which offers a fully integrated range of services. We employ highly talented professionals who desire an environment of innovation and leadership rooted in unwavering integrity.

Our corporate culture places great emphasis on professional expertise through continued education. We provide our team members opportunities to continue to learn and grow through training, professional organizations and the availability of an education assistance program. At Holt Lunsford Commercial, we believe we must be the best individually to be the best corporately.

The best measure of our success is the list of tenured professionals who have excelled and grown to form our great company.

Jim Brice, Partner – Texas Industrial, Shareholder – 21 Years

Pat Hamilton, Vice President/CEO Office, Shareholder19 Years

Brandi Baker, Vice President – Management Services16 Years

Doug Lueders, Partner, Shareholder16 Years

John Gorman, Principal – Industrial Division16 Years

Scott W. Moore, Chief Operating Officer - 13 Years

Mandy Robertson, Property Manager12 Years

Tricia Collins, Receptionist/Office Services Assistant12 Years

Mary Leerssen, Director of Management Services  - 11 Years

Jeri Ryals, Portfolio Accountant11 Years

Suzette Thompson, Assistant Controller - 11 Years

Matt Carthey, Partner, Shareholder10 Years

Allie Walton, Accounts Receivable Associate10 Years

Chandra Hamric, Client Manager - 10 Years

David Irving, Director of Engineering10 Years

Canon Shoults, Managing Principal - 10 Years

Ken Newman, Vice President – Construction Management, Shareholder- 10 Years

Carolyn Taylor, Senior Vice President – Management Services - 10 Years

Cheryl Gethers, Property Management Assistant - 10 Years

Michael Mitchell, Senior Controller – Client Services9 Years

Harvey Jenkins, Senior Property Manager – 9 Years

Sandra Walker, Property Management Assistant9 Years

Cam Swanson, Senior Portfolio Accountant - 9 Years

Ali Aghassibake, Property Manager8 Years

Jose Mercado, Maintenence Technician8 Years

J. Scott Moore, Marketing Director8 Years

Joshua Barnes, Marketing Director7 Years

Ernie Kellogg, Building Engineer7 Years

Geoff Shelton, Marketing Director7 Years

Christy Skinner, Property Manager7 Years

Gray Skinner, Chief Engineer7 Years

Victoria Johnson, Senior Marketing Coordinator7 Years

Leslyn Brady, Vice President –Corporate Services / Human Resources - 7 Years

Diana Conway, Senior Property Management Assistant  - 7 Years

John Kruse, Marketing Director6 Years

Lori Brzezniak, Senior Portfolio Accountant - 6 Years

Kirt Rimpela, Senior Vice President – Management Services - 5 Years

Christina Thompson, Property Management 5 Years

Joe McIlveene, – Chief Building Engineer5 Years

Gary Albrecht,  Building Engineer 5 Years

Debbie Kuhl,  Administrative Assistant - 5 Years

Lauren Hall,  Property Management Assistant5 Years

Lori Vukovich, Marketing Coordinator5 Years

Brian Alef, Principal5 Years

Nikki Vanzura, VP Client Services5 Years

Michelle Mitchell, Portfolio Accounting Associate - 5 Years

Laurie Fowler, Senior Vice President – Client Services – 5 Years