What We Do

Founded in 1993, Holt Lunsford Commercial Investments (HLCI) is a market-leading commercial real estate investment and development firm. HLCI has a proven history of success for investors and partners through its vertically-integrated investment approach. This approach is strategically designed to capitalize on services including acquisitions, development, construction management, asset management, accounting and reporting.



HLCI owns and operates commercial real estate assets across a range of investment strategies to provide superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors and partners. As a vertically integrated investment management firm, all phases of the investment life-cycle are professionally designed and executed through the intelligent analysis and market knowledge of our local experts in conjunction with the platform’s industry leading operational expertise.


The talented professionals within the HLCI team have significant experience in asset selection, deal structure and execution, and real estate operations. Our firm is built on a value system that sets the benchmark for trustworthy leadership, emphasizing the fiduciary responsibility to the platform’s partners and investors.


Since inception, HLCI has participated in the acquisition and development of more than $1.9 billion worth of commercial real estate projects including 276 properties.